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Roof Repairs

We are here to help you with any roof problem you may have, below are some of the regular problems we undertake.

Tile/Slate Replacements

Tile / slate replacements are probably the most common roof repair, a lot of roofs around the area are coming to the end of thier lifetime so its vital to maintain a healthy roof.


Chimney flashing, abutment flashing, valleys, dormers, flat roofs and roof pipes are all different types and skills. In some areas, lead theft is high so there are other alternatives such as ubiflex, aluminium and flashband.

Chimney Repair

Chimneys can cause all sort of problems if its not looked after properly, all chimneys should have code 4 lead flashing, strong pointing and have a secure chimney pot.

Hips / Ridges

After many years of seasonal weather its inevitable hips / ridges will come loose, thats why its important to have them checked and rebedded if needed.


Valleys can be one of the major problems as it collects the majority of the roofs water, thats why its vital the valley has a felt underlay and either be a made from lead or fibre glass 

Gutter Problems

Guttering can move back and forward with seasonal climates causing joints to be dislodged. Another common gutter problem is snow as its weight is too heavy.